The First East Prussian Infantry

The new Prussian infantry of 1813-15 however used modern tactics 
and was well organized. The men were enthusiastic and patriotic.
“Splendid old General Horn was at the head of the famous Leib Regiment; 
he raised his sword on high, gave a loud Hurrah ! … Forward ! 
Long live to the king of Prussia ! …


We are a unique regiment. We hold ourselves to a high standard of discipline both on and off the field, and we train and fight using double-rank lines with drills derived from Hardee’s manual. The 1stEPI started off as an experiment. When we began, the usage of two ranks on the battlefield was unheard of in the community. Now, due in large part to this regiment’s efforts, nearly every regiment has adopted the two-rank system and it’s a standard in all official linebattles.

We have recently undergone reforms to make us more efficient than we’ve ever been before, and we are always looking for new recruits to fill in the ranks.

If you’d like to become a member of this regiment, first register an account on our forums. Once that is done, fill out one of these forms and make a post in the linked thread. One of the cadre will be along shortly to accept it and give you further information. You are certainly free to attend an event or two before you join as a recruit if you so wish. Our teamspeak address is (, and you’re free to join in with us there.

NW Releases!

We did our first training on the night of release, and it was awesome. If you were having second thoughts about getting this mod.. It’s totally worth it.

Remember, linebattle tonight, Friday the 20th, at 9pm eastern time. Be there!

Restructuring for NW

As I’m sure you all know, the Napoleonic Wars DLC is being released this thursday. This brings a unique opportunity to restructure and get something that will hold strong in the future. I know not everybody will be overly happy with this, but I believe in the long run it’s the best thing we’ll be able to have done. It’ll lead to a strong officer and NCO corps, and things should run much more smoothly.

Now on to what will actually be happening.

Everybody has been put into a pool and been chosen for specific ranks. You will find a roster below.
The Lithuanian Dragoons have been temporarily dissolved. They will be reinstated on April 29th, but in the meantime the old Lith will continue going cavalry until the Lith is reformed.

This is the roster:

Maj: Azrooh
Kpt: Deo
FW: Picton

1st Platoon:
Lt: Littlefield
Uffz: Merius
Kpl: Konrack
Kpl: Ormand
Gfr: Der Drache
Gfr: Sharpshooter
Gfr: Hillariousman
Sdt: Gadd
Sdt: InferiorBatton
Sdt: Fuzzydude0
Sdt: MrCereal
Sdt: Earl Hickey
Sdt: Jeremy
Sdt: Williams
Sdt: Mr.Frost
Sdt: Zolar
Sdt: Isakk
Sdt: SamA
Sdt: Cath
Sdt: Shep

2nd Platoon:
Lt: Haresus
Uffz: Rayce Farrell
Kpl: Fritz
Kpl: Bionik
Gfr: Velocirapetor
Gfr: The Weapon
Gfr: Daily
Sdt: Remlap
Sdt: Carrots
Sdt: Uzo
Sdt: Horsie
Sdt: Bynaar
Sdt: Chewy
Sdt: Tomguadalupe
Sdt: Gunny
Sdt: Freddy Krueger
Sdt: Hilda Raven
Sdt: Mr.Towers
Sdt: Lycan
Sdt: Avion

Rekrut Platoon:
Lt: Heinrich
Uffz: Uhlaf
Kpl: Ropin
Kpl: Graham
All forum accounts have been deleted. Please re-create your account and send a PM to your platoon leader, he will set you to the correct membergroup. This includes recruits.
Also, please rejoin the steamgroup:
If you’d like to stay reservist, or some other forum group (visitor or otherwise), please register your account and send a PM to Azrooh requesting to be put back into the correct group.

1stEPI Mount & Gladius Branch!

The Legio I Germanica is now going to be our persistent Mount & Gladius branch instead of a spur-of-the-moment thing.
You don’t need to sign up – if you’re in the 1stEPI, you’re in the Legio. We don’t have any multiclanning restrictions, so if you want to join up with another cohort/warband or make your own, feel free.

Roman Linebattle… tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Monday the 16th, at 7pm Eastern, there will be a shield wall/linebattle/what have you in the Mount & Gladius Reborn mod. Everyone’s free to come, I’ll be rounding up whoever I can find that wants to go and heading off to attend it. If we have more than 8 we’ll be able to form our own formation, so join us and kill some Gauls. Or Romans. Whichever one we aren’t.

This is the download link to the mod.

Event’s being organized by Damonkey, some of you might remember him.

Avoric Steps Down

After over a year of service to the 1st East Prussian Infantry, from Rekruit to Major and Commander, I must now resign from this position and pass the distinction onto another.

It has been a very great honour to serve as your commander these last few months, succeeding Rethmeier and Argus as commanders of the most glorious regiment in the MM community. Since taking command from Reth we have seen a period of growth within our ranks, the founding of a Prussian Army spearheaded by the EPI, and the addition of a B Kompanie. The Dragoons have flourished in their role as a cavalry and skirmisher detachment to the Infantry Brigade and have won many successes in the Friday linebattles. The presence of the Infantry decides the course of most battles, an unwavering wall of proud Prussians stand between the enemy and victory. I have always been proud of our successes and recognition within the MM community.

Major Azrooh will be taking command of the 1st East Prussian Infantry Battalion and having worked closely with him for many months I have every confidence in his abilities to continue the successes of the EPI both on and off the field. I have left the decision of filling the ranks to him so as to not stifle his movements, his word is now final.

While I am stepping down as commander I intend to attend lb’s whenever able, likely following my current schedule (which had been overwhelming as of late). Unless I feel that I am not doing my duty for the EPI in my new position I intend to stay on as an Unteroffizier. So remember who it is who has the bayonet at your back and do not hesitate in your movements.

I’ll still be around on ts and in the community, I just cannot put in all the extra time that is required to run such a prestigious and large community.


B Kompanie

The 1stEPI is pleased to announce the introduction of B Kompanie with the joining of the East Prussian Infantry and the East Prussian Grenadiers. B Kompanie will be headed by Hauptmann Gentil and the two Kompanies will be working closely on the battlefield.

This move will allow for complicated battlefield tactics and coordination between a highly organized and disciplined force. With the increased firepower, closer coordination, and developed leadership structure the East Prussian Battalion will be even more of a force to be reckoned with.


-Major Avoric

1st EPI 1 Year Anniversary

On December 11th the 1st EPI will be celebrating it’s founding with a special event. We would like a full turnout for this event so please invite your friends, remind people on teamspeak, and bring your cameras.The event will take place after the Sunday linebattle, so be sure to show up for that first and we will head over as soon as it is finished.


We will be performing a special military parade, showing off for the cameras, and generally just looking impressive. Put on your best faces because we’ll be filming the whole thing.

Cake will be provided in teamspeak.