The East Prussian Infantry was formed in December 2010 for the purpose of accurately representing historic military structure and tactics to the best of our ability within the gaming universe, while maintaining a social-community style atmosphere. Our unit and family has grown over the years, and we’ve had the opportunity to educate many not only on game-play, but on the tactics and structure of a military unit of the era. We’ve found that recreating historical structure in a video-game attracts a more mature crowd, and makes game-play a little more challenging. From our humble beginnings as a Prussian line-company practicing Napoleonic-era battle doctrine to subject-matter experts on German small-unit infantry practices on the field during WWII, The East Prussian Infantry is a one-of-a-kind, organized group of historians, tacticians, and gamers using 21st-century gaming as a way to entertain and educate. Onward, to victory!  Für das Vaterland!

A Long, Proud History
Originally established as a Prussian Infantry regiment set in the Napoleonic-era, for over 6 years, the East Prussian Infantry served as a professional line-unit well-versed in historically accurate battle doctrine, capable of fielding mass formations of soldiers, each fully understanding his or her duty and role.  What the East Prussian Infantry was able to achieve took much teamwork and enthusiasm from the many who participated over the years. In 2017, the East Prussian Infantry sought a new challenge, and decided to bring the world of historical structure, tactics, discipline, and professionalism into the gaming universe of ARMA III.

The EPI – 2012


Whether as a recruit, or a full-fledged soldier, our members are expected to do the following:

✠ Learn and follow the Code of Conduct

✠ Learn, and become proficient in basic Tactics and Skills

✠ Be relatively active, attend training when possible, and alert your squad leader if you are unable to participate or are taking an extended leave.

✠ Display humility, respect, and motivation.

Those who can do these four things will find themselves a good match for the EPI, and will be prime candidates for promotion should they be proficient and willing to take on leadership roles.


Our Unit
There are many opportunities within the East Prussian Infantry to provide members with an understanding of the military history of the era, in a social, mature atmosphere. Here you will find some basic information on our unit regarding our event times, and references to our manuals, not only from WWII, but those that have been compiled from the Napoleonic-Era / American Civil War, which have been written and adapted for use in-game over many years.  We invite you to participate with us, and feel free to ask questions!

Weekly Event Schedule
These Events Occur on a weekly basis:
Thursday Primary Training – 8PM EST
Saturday Main-Operation – 530PM EST

Other social events occur generally every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday at 8pm EST

In addition to these recorded weekly World War Two events and weekly social events occasional ”special” events will typically be scheduled once or twice a month on a Saturday evening. Members are given notice well in advance of these additional opportunities



Organization of the Company

The Company is the smallest unit to complete itself and should be able to field at least 40 men rank-and-file. For this purpose, given an average attendance rate of 50-66% for any given event, at least 80 active members should be maintained on paper. The unit is run at the company-level by the Hauptmann (Captain) and HauptFeldwebel (1st Sergeant).

Each company is divided into platoons, termed “Zug.” Ideally, each Zug should be able to field 20 soldiers rank and file, in addition to one Officer (a LT or OLT) who is designated the Platoon Leader, a ranking Feldwebel, who is designated the Platoon Sergeant. Each Platoon should consist of at least 2, 10 man rifle squads called a “Gruppe”, each of which are led by an Unteroffizier

Thus, the minimum strength Company comprised of two Zuge shall include:
1 Hauptmann – Company Commander
1 Oberleutnant – Company Executive Officer
1 Hauptfeldwebel – Company 1st Sergeant
2 Leutnants – Each overseeing a Zug
2 Feldwebels – Each assigned to a Zug
4 Unteroffiziere – Min. 2 in each Zug assigned as squad leaders
4-8 Obergefreiteren/Stabsgefreiteren – 2~4 in each Zug, NCOs capable of serving as team/detachment leaders and File closers
4 MG Schutzen – Min. 1 per squad, who is responsible for the MG assigned to each squad
32+ Schutzen – 16+ in each Zug

Also included may be:
Medics, Radio Operators, Anti-Tank soldiers, and Pionere.

Thus, a full strength Company on paper shall be comprised of no less than 44-52 men in total. The Company’s field strength will generally be only 50-66% of its strength on paper for any given event, accounting for average attendance. Should the Company maintain a high level of activity and attendance, the number of men required to maintain a full strength Company on paper may be lower than prescribed above.

Most of these manuals require an account on our forums. If you would like to view them, feel free to create an account and reach out to an officer who can give you access

German Infantry Regiment Structure – http://www.lonesentry.com/articles/ttt09/german-infantry-regiment.html

German Field Manual – http://forums.1stepi.com/index.php/topic,2989.msg31094.html#new

The Field Manual of the Dragoon – http://forums.1stepi.com/index.php/topic,1352.0.html

The School of the Infantry Battalion – http://forums.1stepi.com/index.php/topic,2491.0.html

Structure of the Prussian Infantry – http://forums.1stepi.com/index.php/topic,1943.0.html


Mash that apply button at the top of the page to fill out an application. If you have any questions please hop on our teamspeak or add pvtgunny on Steam.

Other Information

We have our own Message Boards and Team Speak Server.  Members should check the forums on a regular basis, and have bookmarked both the forums and the EPI TeamSpeak servers.

Our Steam Group 

the Steam group is open, please join to be invited to events
Team Speak 

ts3.1stepi.com You do not need a mic, but everyone will need to have TeamSpeak for trainings and events in order to hear orders.

A New Era Dawns

It is with great trepidation that I announce a coming official transition of the 1st East Prussian Infantry into ArmA 3: Iron Front.  The transition may be slow, we aren’t leaving Napoleonic Wars behind just yet. Furthermore, our name shall remain essentially the same, though our official name will change from “1. Ostpreussische Infanterie” to “IR1 ‘Ostpreussische Infanterie'” as we will be representing 1. Kompanie, 1. Battalion, 1. Infanterie Regiment, 1. Infanterie-Division. Our goals remain the same: to represent the tactics of the period through our discipline within a friendly and close-knit community. That said, for now, we are not guaranteed to always play as the Germans. In NW we often played as other factions, and this will be no different. Our campaigns will take us from the sandy South Pacific to the gates of Stalingrad, but our dedication to German small arms tactics will remain constant.