A New Era Dawns

It is with great trepidation that I announce a coming official transition of the 1st East Prussian Infantry into ArmA 3: Iron Front. ¬†The transition may be slow, we aren’t leaving Napoleonic¬†Wars behind just yet. Furthermore, our name shall remain essentially the same, though our official name will change from “1. Ostpreussische Infanterie” to “IR1 ‘Ostpreussische Infanterie'” as we will be representing 1. Kompanie, 1. Battalion, 1. Infanterie Regiment, 1. Infanterie-Division. Our goals remain the same: to represent the tactics of the period through our discipline within a friendly and close-knit community. That said, for now, we are not guaranteed to always play as the Germans. In NW we often played as other factions, and this will be no different. Our campaigns will take us from the sandy South Pacific to the gates of Stalingrad, but our dedication to German small arms tactics will remain constant.

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